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True Sales Results?

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True Sales Results has a long standing track record of delivering impactful sales results in partnership with our clients. This includes significantly improving the overall sales performance as measured by typical Sales KPIs, such as:

  • Average Deal Size/Average Selling Price (ASP)
  • Win Rates
  • Average Sales Cycle Length
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • % of Sales Reps attaining annual quota

    We take great pride in helping our clients achieve excellence in their sales execution and the resulting impact on their valuation. Whether it’s a start up bringing a disruptive technology to market for the first time or a Fortune 500 company looking to optimize their sales performance, we bring the same passion, wisdom and commitment to each engagement. Need evidence? This is the impact that we can have on our clients’ company valuation:

    • True Sales Results Client M&A exits totaling $17+ Billion
    • True Sales Results Client Fund Raising (Seed, Series A, B, C, D and E) totaling $1.5+ billion


    Significantly improved win rates from 10%-50%


    Reduced new sales rep ramp up by 40%-60%


    Increased average deal sizes by 50% to 3X over two years


    Improved forecasting accuracy by 20%-40%

    Our Approach

    We don’t just train, we enable your entire sales team.

    What makes True Sales Results different from other technology sales consultants? It’s in our approach. With years of experience informing our process, we’ve crafted a system strong enough to be reliable, but flexible enough to meet your unique needs.

    We start with an analysis of your current team’s performance and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Then, we select the framework best suited to your needs. Just some of the frameworks we use include the Buyer’s Journey, all variations of MEDDIC, and the Teaching Conversation from the Challenger Sale.

    But it doesn’t end there! We tailor and customize the framework to capture the nuances of your market and your customers. This culminates with an intensive sales bootcamp where your sales team is armed with the strategy through Experiential Sales Learning and our groundbreaking “Bring Your Own Deal” approach.

    Our Services

    Go to Market (GTM) Sales Strategy & Execution

    Sales Performance Optimization

    Custom Sales Enablement & Sales Training

    Sales Coaching & Mentoring


    Don’t just take it from us, read what our clients have to say.

    “This is beyond great. This is one of the best—if not the best—sales enablement pieces I have ever seen. Wow!”

    CEO (TSR Sales Enablement Program Client)

    “I would highly recommend them to any company needing assistance with their GTM Sales Strategy & Execution needs.

    CRO (TSR Sales Strategy Client)

    “Just a quick note of thanks on the SKO. A massive effort in a short amount of time with a truly impressive result. You guys are really good at what you do!”

    CRO (TSR Sales Training Client)

    “You guys are really good at what you do, and it’s a special testament to both your intellect and your salesmanship that you managed to grok our wonky business so effectively, like you’d worked here for years.”

    Founder (TSR Sales Bootcamp Client)

    “Thank you for the sales bootcamp, it was awesome! As a new sales rep, this armed me with how to best sell our solution and definitely compressed my ramp-up time.”

    New Hire Sales Rep (Sales Bootcamp Participant)

    “The sales training ranks a 10 out of 10! It was by far the best sales training that I’ve ever participated in my 17+ years of enterprise technology sales career and—believe me—I’ve been through them all.”

    New Hire Sales Rep (Sales Bootcamp Participant)

    “This was the most effective sales training I have ever had in sales. Normally, I don’t like role-playing exercises, but the entire sales simulation was very realistic and helped me learn our field sales best practices through application. Nicely done!”

    New Hire Sales Rep (Sales Bootcamp Participant)

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