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How Effective is the Teaching Conversation?

How effective is the Teaching Conversation? When done properly, it is an incredibly effective Sales Tool.

Champion vs. Point of Contact

One question that inevitably comes up in our client MEDDIC training sessions is: How do you know if you really have a Champion in an account vs. just a Point of Contact.

True Sales Result (TSR for Institutional lnvestors)

True Sales Results (TSR) Is a Complex B2B Sales Consultancy founded In 2006. Wehelp early stage SaaS sales teams learn how to engage, influence and sell moreeffectively. How do we make this happen? We leverage our proven Go to Market (GTM) Sales Strategy and Field...

Beware the Modern Day Snake Oil Salesman!

What's your sales ailment? We have the cure! In a recent 2023 research study, 98% of all SaaS Sales Leaders responded that their five (5) biggest sales challenges were: Deals are taking longer to close (60 days - 120 days) More Deals are ending up in the dreaded "No...

Continuous Sales Learning

What is Continuous Sales Learning? Why is it important? After 30+ years in Technology Sales, there is an opus piece of work that I still need to complete.

The CEO Three Envelopes Story

A new CEO has been hired to turnaround the performance of a struggling company. He gets into his new plush corner office very early on his first official day of work.

Lessons in Competitive Positioning

I was employee #10 and working for a Boston based software company that developed the first Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that scanned resumes and created a digital searchable version of the resume.

2023 Complex B2B Sales Predictions

As I gaze into my sales crystal ball… what do I see for Sales Leaders in 2023?

About Us

Custom sales training for tech sales professionals since 2006.

We are a Boutique Complex B2B Technology Sales Consultancy firm solely dedicated to helping SaaS leaders optimize their sales team’s performance. We create, deliver, and facilitate sales enablement content and training for Fortune 100 company global Sales Kickoffs (SKOs). We also help clients bring disruptive technology products and services to market. So, no matter your company’s size, True Sales Results can help you!

We’ve helped clients bring disruptive technology products or services to market, transition upmarket to the enterprise and close their first Fortune 1000 deals. This includes: Internet of things (IoT), Private Cloud, NoSQL Databases, AI/ML HealthTech, FinTech, cybersecurity, OpenSource, and more.

True Sales Results helps technology companies dramatically improve their sales results. We work with all types of technology sales professionals to optimize their performance: from sales development to sales engineers, from inside sales to outside sales, and from front-line sales management to executive sales leadership, True Sales Results delivers!


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Don’t just take it from us, read what our clients have to say.

“This is beyond great. This is one of the best—if not the best—sales enablement pieces I have ever seen. Wow!”

CEO (TSR Sales Enablement Program Client)

“I would highly recommend them to any company needing assistance with their GTM Sales Strategy & Execution needs.

CRO (TSR Sales Strategy Client)

“Just a quick note of thanks on the SKO. A massive effort in a short amount of time with a truly impressive result. You guys are really good at what you do!”

CRO (TSR Sales Training Client)

“You guys are really good at what you do, and it’s a special testament to both your intellect and your salesmanship that you managed to grok our wonky business so effectively, like you’d worked here for years.”

Founder (TSR Sales Bootcamp Client)

“Thank you for the sales bootcamp, it was awesome! As a new sales rep, this armed me with how to best sell our solution and definitely compressed my ramp-up time.”

New Hire Sales Rep (Sales Bootcamp Participant)

“The sales training ranks a 10 out of 10! It was by far the best sales training that I’ve ever participated in my 17+ years of enterprise technology sales career and—believe me—I’ve been through them all.”

New Hire Sales Rep (Sales Bootcamp Participant)

“This was the most effective sales training I have ever had in sales. Normally, I don’t like role-playing exercises, but the entire sales simulation was very realistic and helped me learn our field sales best practices through application. Nicely done!”

New Hire Sales Rep (Sales Bootcamp Participant)

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