One question that inevitably comes up in our client MEDDIC training sessions is: How do you know if you really have a Champion in an account vs. just a Point of Contact (aka Chump)?

I always reply with the same response. Have you used the three part definition of a Champion to act as a litmus test? Often, a Point of Contact or internal Project Manager can easily be confused with a Champion.

Internal Project Managers assigned with evaluating different technologies want to come across as neutral as possible to any technology vendor sales team. Even if they have a technology preference prior to starting the evaluation.

What is the three part definition of a Champion?

  1. They want your solution at the expense of any other alternative… including Doing Nothing.
  2. They have the necessary internal clout and influence to secure budget to pay for your solution.
  3. They agree to represent and sell your solution in internal meetings that you can’t be involved in as an external technology sales vendor.

There is an associated three step process to ensure that you have a true Champion in a prospect account.

  1. Identify: Use the 3 point litmus point definition above and ask the tough questions.
  2. Cultivate: Is the Champion open to coaching and role playing to prepare for the internal solution recommendation meeting that you won’t be allowed to participate in as an external technology sales team.
  3. Validate: Concurrence, concurrence, concurrence. Has anything changed since we last spoke and you indicated that we were your preferred solution?

In Complex B2B Sales Win/Loss analysis, the root cause of 90%+ of all Lost Deals and the dreaded No Decision Deals are not having a Champion. No Champion = No Deal!