What is Continuous Sales Learning? Why is it important? After 30+ years in Technology Sales, there is an opus piece of work that I still need to complete. It will be the legacy that I leave behind for the Complex B2B Sales SaaS community at large. Including my two young adult children who have decided to follow in my crazy career footsteps as Software Sales professionals.

You’re not supposed to have favorite customers as a Consultant. But I’d be lying if I did not admit that I absolutely do have favorite customers. Two of my all time favorite customers share something in common. They both are perpetual students of the game (e.g., the Complex B2B Sales profession), yet are both world class masters of the game from a leadership and execution perspective.

That is extremely rare. To be so accomplished in terms of generating massive amounts of revenue and shareholder/investor wealth over the course of their respective careers. But still retain that elusive humility to acknowledge that there is always room to learn new and better ways and improve their execution as executive leaders (C-Suite) in Technology companies.

Our shared collective professional passion is to build and lead a Continuous Sales Learning culture in their sales organizations. We have collaborated on designing and building out a Continuous Sales Learning platform and program to deliver this. This is beyond sales enablement and an onboarding program. This is different than just experiential Sales Bootcamp Training and great Sales Playbooks.

This is all about institutionalizing Continuous Sales Learning into the very fabric of your sales culture. This is the foundational pillar to building and scaling a world class, high performing sales organization that attracts, develops and retains the top sales and sales leadership talent out there. Sales becomes your distinct competitive advantage.

This is the first in a series of posts that I’ll be writing on this topic that is so near and dear to me. Imagine a world where anyone of your sales team members at anytime could respond to a bot prompt asking; “What do you want to learn today?”. How impactful would that be?