It never ceases to amaze me how virtually every business email you receive these days promises to help your sales.  What’s sorely missing in these emails are any details about how their solution or service specifically impact sales. False promises are the worst possible approach to selling because you immediately undermine your credibility and offend the prospective customer. I understand that in a bad economy that most companies are struggling to grow their sales but not every service or solution genuinely can impact sales positively. In many cases, there simply isn’t any correlation between the service/solution and sales. For anyone cold calling in to a company with the value proposition around helping their sales, be prepared to answer the question “How can you impact my sales?” with real and specific examples. The other aspect of these false email promises is the ridiculous embellishments. When you see emails promising 1000% plus sales gains attributable to their service, it offends people’s intelligence. If your service really grew a companies sales by over 1000%,  you wouldn’t need to tell people about it- everyone would know about it and be calling you!